3. Group - Synthesizers & SoundCards: Roland

301 Roland JD-800

1 pc.
Analog-Digital Sounds
Sound Programming in real time
Mint conditions

302 Roland JV-80

2 pcs.
Keyboards sligthly unresponsive
With a lot of sounds

303 Roland D-110 MIDI Expander

1 pc.
With many sounds
Mint conditions

304 Roland Sound Library PN Serie: D10/110

1 pc. PN-D10-01
1 pc. PN-D10-02
1 pc. PN-D10-03

305 Roland Music Style Cards TN Serie

1 pc. TN-SC1-10
1 pc. TN-SC1-14

306 Roland Sound Library SN Serie: U110

15 pcs. SN-U110-01 ... SN-U110-15

307 Roland RAM Memory Cards M Serie

4 pcs. M-256E

308 Roland Sound Cards D50/D550

Metra Sound: 1 Set of Simon Stockhausen, 1 Set of Peter Gorges
Roland: PN-050-04
LA Synthesis: Best Choice
PA Decoder: Volume 1